Volume 26, Number 25a
June 17, 2019
Boeing Admits To 'Mistake' In Handling MAX Issues
Boeing CEO Dennis Mullenburg told reporters on Sunday that the company made a "mistake" in not immediately telling regulators, pilots […]   Read this article
The Dreaded Online CFI Renewal
If you're going to do it online, pick a course with more rather than fewer questions. It could save you a lot of grief.   Read this article
Best of the Web: How To Survive A Tree Landing
How do you survive landing an airplane in a tree? Fly it as slow as it will go and carry […]   Read this article
757 Heavily Damaged In Newark Landing Mishap
The runway incident that briefly closed Newark Liberty Airport is now being termed a hard landing that may have written […] Read this article

Pilot Unconscious Before Citation Crash
It would appear pilot incapacitation was behind the fatal crash of a Cessna Citation in the Atlantic 300 miles east […] Read this article

Stratolaunch Price Tag $400,000,000
The asking price for Stratolaunch, the enormous aircraft intended to launch commercial rockets, has reportedly been set at $400,000,000, including […] Read this article

Airbus Tests 'Flapping' Wing Tips
Airbus is testing a scale model of an A321 with "flapping" wing tips it says may lead to lighter and […] Read this article

Mitsubishi Rebrands MRJ
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has announced that it has given its MRJ aircraft family the “commercial” name SpaceJet. The SpaceJet M90, […] Read this article

Industry Round-up, June 14, 2019
AVweb’s news roundup found reports on a new addition to a pay-per-use flight simulator program, a free connectivity webinar and […] Read this article

Short Final: Say Parking
A while ago, I was flying into Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, as a student pilot when I was […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, June 13, 2019
A favorite memory from an Outback Australia tour: I prearranged for drums to be delivered to a remote station northeast of Alice Springs. The folks on the station couldn't have been more helpful. Photo by Clare McEwan. Read this article


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